Monday, December 30, 2013

Part One 2006: Thanks, Marc Summers!

This original trip report was one of the first things I posted prior to ever being a Disney Blogger.  I used to be a very active member of both the DisBoards, and the Passporter forums.  I have not updated these at all just converted them for blogger! Enjoy! :)

I have always loved Disney.  My parents always thought it was cute and my sister and brother thought it a little annoying.  But I didn’t care. I didn’t care when I was 10 and clipped a special edition “Beauty and the Beast” comic out of the newspaper for 4 weeks before Christmas. I didn’t care when I was 15 and forced my friends to go see the newest animated classics on opening night in the movie theatre. And I certainly didn’t mind when I was 20 and having my boyfriend buy me every Lumpy (from Pooh’s Heffalump Movie) stuftee as they came out in the Disney Store. And for the most part no one seemed to mind the hobby either. I have no regrets about my childhood.  I never went to Disney World.  That didn’t make me a better person or a worse one.  I got to go to Florida and to Sea World and on many other vacations to Hershey Park and the Jersey Shore.  And whether I was 4 or 14 I had always known I was lucky to be able to vacation at all.  I knew that some people had never been on vacation and I was brought up kind, appreciative, and generous.  My family is beyond wonderful.  There was never a time in my life that I felt unloved or unwanted. 

When my now husband and I had talked about Disney it had always seemed far off.  We met in high school and I had four tedious years of college (commuting and working when I wasn’t in class).  Then, after talking with some friends I planted the seed in his head, I would be graduating in December 2005 and so we should go to celebrate after Christmas.  We talked with friends who had been and the seed started to grow into a real plan.  Then, on Food Network there was an “Unwrapped” special on Disney food and after a few minutes of the mouth-watering goodies he was hooked.  I can still remember all my excitement.  My first plane ride.  My first trip to Walt Disney World.  Cinderella’s Castle here I come. 

We booked through a Travel Agent and I started hourding my Disney Dream Rewards dollars from my Visa. I bought all the guides I could get my hands on, scoured the internet, and asked for a Christmas filled with Disney Dollars that year.  Before I knew it the time had come!  It was hailing when we got to LaGuardia airport in New York City on the morning of January 2nd.  Or sleeting.  Or maybe it was freezing rain.  All I know is that I had little scratches on my face from the walk inside from the car.  My parents had volunteered to drop us off, and it was my first plane ride.  I was so excited I couldn’t possibly have been nervous.  I promised my mom I would call her when we landed and kissed and told both my mom and dad that I loved them. 

Our journey had begun.  We boarded our plane- a Delta Song- and spent the whole trip charting our progress on the little map on the screens in the headrests. When we got off the plane we didn’t have to worry about luggage because we had opted for Disney’s Magical Express.  We used the restrooms and followed the signs.  Then I saw it.  A huge white glove waving me on.  The castmembers all had Mickey hands and I felt my heart skip a beat.

We boarded the bus and took the ride which seemed to be lasting forever.  When we made it to All Star Movies I was so excited I am surprised I didn’t pee a little. I felt like a kid.  We took off our jackets since it was a very warm January and headed to the front desk.   We were quickly checked in and off to our room. It was in the Herbie section which is pretty much at the heart of the resort as you had to walk past the Fantasia buildings and pool and of course the Winner’s Circle to get there.  We put down our carry-ons and walked the resort to take some pictures before heading to Epcot.

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