Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Have a Cool Yule with Frozen Toys!

Frozen was a fabulous movie with an amazing message about true love and the strength and importance of family.  As always, Walt Disney Animation Studios knows how to pull at our heartstrings and remind us to never give up and be who we are.  Anna and Elsa are really great characters and offer something for all kids to love! :)  Disney Consumer Products sent me some Frozen toys to play with and check out for all of you fabulous readers!

First I got to check out the MagiClip dolls from Disney and Mattel.  These are first and foremost such a great design.  My niece has a bunch of the squishy plastic dress small dolls and even I have a hard time dressing them sometimes! I really love the clip on idea.  And since they retail for around $15 each I love that they come with a playset! Anna comes with a Vanity, Snowglobe, and even a pink ring for your favorite princess! Elsa comes with a blue ring, Dressing Screen, and Sceptor.  

Next up, as you saw in the first picture above, are the totally awesome Musical Magic Anna and Elsa dolls!  These 10 inch dolls, are both dressed in their signature style and have great attention to detail.  They have small metal circles on their hands and when you hold their hands each lights up and plays music.  Have Anna and Elsa hold hands and complete the circle by holding each of their hands and they play their music together! (Click images for links to each doll on Amazon where you can find the dolls a few dollars under retail price at $26!)


And of course, we can not forget Olaf!

Pull Apart Talking Olaf is absolutely adorable! 
Just as the name implies this adorable stufftee not only says his signature catch phrase "My name is Olaf and I like warm hugs!" but lots of other phrases! You can press his middle button to get him to speak or interact with him by pulling him apart! As you can see pictured he is attached by a string across the three snowballs but it is stretchy and velcro between the snowballs keeps him together.  He speaks when you pull him apart as well! I just love this guy (who runs between $30-35)! 

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