Saturday, December 7, 2013

Beautifully Disney: Fabulous Yet Disappointing

When I got the first set of Beautifully Disney nail polish minis I adored them! The color palette was great and the Ariel inspired shade was my go to pedicure color all summer. When a new set came out I was stoked but got side tracked and didn't end up ordering the set of nail polish minis until after both the 2nd and 3rd color palettes had been released. These colors are gorgeous but the nail polish quality is not so good. I am pretty good at home mani and pedis and no how to make colors last but none off tricks worked on these polishes. I am lucky to get a manicure that lasts two days before chipping! I don't know if it was me getting a good batch last time or production getting cheaper but even the brushes were kinda hard and plasticky. And with a sticker price of $19.95 you are pay nearly $5 for each of these little bottles!

My recommendation: skip the minis! If you love a shade buy it but don't go crazy. This Disney girl is going to be using the Disney collaborations with OPI for future magical manicures!!

Beautifully Disney has released 5 color palettes so far:
Wickedly Beautiful: Princess & Villains
Unlock the Spell (the two Rapunzel inspired shades plus 2 & 4)
Fiery Spirit (1,3,5 above and a gorgeous Merida inspired shade)

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