Monday, October 7, 2013

When Reality Strikes

Can you hear the angel chorus singing "When You Wish Upon A Star" right about now?

After we made the decision that we were going to take the trip to California, it was clear we were going to need help to plan our trip. As I had mentioned before, Gus and I had never been to California (See The Decision to Make the Jump). At least in Walt Disney World, we both knew how the resort functioned and what was necessary to take to make the trip run smoothly. I had heard some information about California, specifically Anaheim, but nothing concrete.

The first thing we did was figure out the dates for our trip. Because we live only four hours away from the Walt Disney World Resort, we typically just drive up, spend the weekend, and come back before Monday rears it depressing head.

We decided to go for nine days. This would give us enough time for two fly days, a day for each park we wanted to visit, three days for the D23 Expo, and one day to site see.
I figured that the best thing to do was contact a Disney Travel Agent. There are many out there and they are willing to help make your vacation easy and memorable FOR FREE. I gave them an idea of what we wanted based on what most would ask for if they were going to the Walt Disney World Resort:

                        ·        Airline Tickets
                        ·        Rental Car
                        ·        Accommodations at a Disneyland Resort
                        ·        Tickets for the parks we wanted to visit

I’ll be honest. I almost broke down and cried when I saw the prices. A trip that was quoted at roughly $4,000 was not going to work for our wallet. After talking it over with Gus, we came to the realization that some “dream” aspects of the trip would have to go. No Disneyland Resort stay, no rental car, and we would have to plan and save wisely if we were going to make this somewhat impossible trip a reality.


But I wanna know, has this happened to you? Were your plans nearly shattered like Cinderella’s broken glass slipper? Tell me about it. I wanna know.

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