Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Decision to Make the Jump

Gus (my husband) and I live in Miami, Florida; a tropical paradise in its own right. We also live 4 hours away from Walt Disney World. You would think that would be enough for us, but, alas, no. Like Carl and Ellie from the Pixar film UP, everyone plans a once in a lifetime adventure. Ours was to go to California. My main focus was to get to Disneyland.

We decided in December of 2012 that we would begin planning the trip. What really drove us to finally make this adventure a reality was in a sense something similar to what drove Ellie and Carl to reach Paradise Falls. Life throws you curve balls and although you do not have all the answers as to why something unexpected happens and leaves devastation in its wake, you only have one option. You have to try to turn lemons into lemonade or, in this case, make the impossible possible.

The first step was to weigh out our options. After talking to a Disney travel agent, I realized something quickly. In order to get us to California and back without breaking the bank, I was going to have to research everything. Air flights, hotel stays, park tickets: you name it. One thing I wish I had was someone to guide my way. If you are in the same boat, have no fear. I’m going to help you make the same jump we made step by step. Be warned: many bumps and great moments are on the way. Keep up with me as I tell you the marvelous tale about how Gus and Monique finally got to Disneyland.

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