Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LeSportSac It's a Small World Polynesian Paradise Designs Released (Final in Series)!

As most of you know I absolutely adore the line of It's a Small World patterns that have been featured through LeSportSac (I've given away not one but two of these bags this year!).  Not only is this one of my go-to favorite bag companies but they paired up with my fave company ever! The unique take on the bags is a great way to carry some magic with you everyday without always rocking gear that features the main mouse himself (although the collaboration through the Disney Store was also incredible)!

The final pattern in this series recently came out and it is fabulous! Polynesian Paradise is the main design and Tropical Zoo the secondary design.  The Polynesia section is my fave part of the ride (and the Poly is my fave resort) so this line is everything I've been hoping and dreaming for! The charm is of an adorable hula-skirt-wearing-starfish-holding Polynesian girl named Ipo and the pattern is still available in nearly all styles

Do not miss your chance to nab one of these adorable bags- LeSportSac crossbody bags are perfect for Disney Park going and I don't think these will stay in stock too long! Also, keep your eye out for a comprehensive review from all the Picturing Disney writers as well as maybe another giveaway! ;)

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