Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Disney Diplomacy

"People look at you and me to see what they are supposed to be. And, if we don't disappoint them, maybe, just maybe, they won't disappoint us." Walt Disney

Go to the Disney Parks and you will find over 10 countries represented, over 10 princesses, several queens and kings, a hall of presidents, new species, old species, sea life, land life…. Frontier Land, space rides, healthy food and decadent treats. There is accessibility for those with disabilities, and a strong recognition that the arts are indeed vital for children. And at the end of every night there are explosions of joy.
You will not find arguments over national differences. You will not find anyone banning treats. You will not find anyone looking oddly at the differences among the characters or cast members. There is no sabotaging, no defacing property, (and if there is, it is cleaned and war is not waged). The list goes on.
Perhaps we should start going to Disney for lessons in diplomacy! Just sayin’!
Contributed by Judy Dulberg

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