Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best Bags for Disney Touring

I know a lot of people are into carrying backpacks to the parks, and I used to be one of them... but I no longer feel like I have to have every little thing with me.  If you have kids and need to pack snacks and diapers or other necessities it probably still makes sense, especially if you don't have a stroller with you, but I think most people will be perfectly fine with a good quality cross-body bag.

LeSportSac is usually my go-to brand and with the It's a Small World line that's been releasing every couple months it makes a perfect Disney bag. I used the Tahiti bag from the Small World line this summer when I was out in California.  It was a great park bag and is featured in my "In the Bag" post if you want a closer look.  It is a slightly larger option and has two zippered outside pockets.  I was able to carry everything I needed in here and had room to tuck maps and guides.  The fact that LeSportSac has now partnered with Disney makes their bags a superior choice for your park bag go-to! You can choose your favorites and even collect the adorable charms!

I have a Lesportsac outlet not far from my house (about 40-45 min) so I usually choose the smaller version of this same cross-body style.  I think cross-body is essential not matter how large you go because no one wants to fumble with the straps of a regular purse while touring parks.  Being hands free is essential to me for pictures, checking out my times guide, and generally having the easy to grab and go when I am making my way through the parks.  In 2011 for 2 of my trips I used the smaller version. Unfortunately this is the best pic I could find.  I love that you can choose different patterns and that if you are looking for a bag on the cheap you can just purchase from an outlet or on sale get last seasons designs.

LeSportSac bags are also super easy to clean and very durable.  Similarly, Vera Bradley bags are worth every penny as well and you can get similar deals on them (its def worth following both brands through email and through Facebook to get up to date sale and clearance info).

Vera Bradley also makes a handful of bags that can be extended into crossbody.  I actually got the Stephanie bag in Lemon Parfait for my birthday and hadn't used it yet so decided to give it a try last May when I went to Disney as a chaperone and LOVED it.  I was even able to tuck some of the Flower and Garden Festival merch I got in its many pockets (lol... I actually lost the pin I bought by tucking it in there for MONTHS!).

What is so nice about the Vera bag is the comfort level since they are  softer cotton and even when you weight your bag down (which, lets face it, we all do sometimes while touring) it never cuts into your shoulder.  I especially love that I can put my Sony Nex camera in my Vera and feel like it is still protected! Its a compact DSLR and I keep the zoom lens on nearly all the time! Like the LeSportSac bags, you can through these in the washer when you get home if they get dirty and getting wet won't kill them.  They also have lots of pockets!

And one of my go tos for my my bags is being able to hook a Mickey shaped caribeener I picked up a few trips ago onto the strap so I can hook my refill mug on-- and both of these are soft enough or have small enough straps that they fit no problem!

What is your favorite park bag? Have you ever rocked a cross-body? I think they are cute, stylish, and an easy park choice!