Thursday, July 18, 2013

Living the Dream: A Wedding Website for Disney Lovers

When any Disney lover gets engaged they immediately think about all the ways to incorporate their Disney way of life into their special day.  Many even opt for the amazing option of having their wedding IN Walt Disney World! Here on Picturing Disney I have featured some great ideas from my own nuptials including a Mad Tea Party Bridal Shower, the Cinderella touches at my own wedding, and some of the Disney table numbers I created.  I have also featured the magical moments of friends who were engaged at Disney and Disney-fied their wedding vows.  But what about planning a wedding at Disney?? I don't know the first thing about how I would begin! I am a planner at heart and loved every minute of wedding planning as I love every minute of vacation planning... but combining them?? So many choices and opinions-- where do you even start???

Lucky for everyone the site to start at now exists!!!

Enter Amanda.  A Disney world bride, Disney lover, and Disney travel agent! Amanda has worked in the parks, vacationed at the parks, and was married at Disney's wedding pavilion (followed by a reception at the Conservation Station)! Amanda has shared not only her own wedding details and pictures (which are FABULOUS) but she has also created a website that is going to grow into a resource for any and all Disney brides! Even if you are not getting married AT a Disney resort the sheer number of questions that need to be asked and different ideas and ways to incorporate your favorites can be found here.  Her site Living the Dream Happily Ever After launched on her 3rd wedding anniversary on March 3rd 2013 and is sure to grow!

Best of all you can contact her anytime with the easy to fill out form on her Mouseketrips page plus she has a Facebook page you can check out! There are so many fine details and a lot of headache and heartache that can go into wedding planning if you don't know where to begin.  Lucky for me I had friends and family to point me towards the best wedding planners and guides and lucky for YOU that you have ME to point you towards Amanda for planning your magical Disney Wedding. 

Remember, happily ever after is now. <3

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