Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Everything you need to know about Be Our Guest Restaurant!

I could probably sum up everything you need to know about this hot new restaurant in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland expansion: book as early as possible! But all hard to get reservations aside, the menu is awesome and we loved all the food we had here and that is just the tip of the magical iceberg! (Follow the link above to get a glimpse at menu offerings direct from Disney!) The food is just delicious and this is one of my favorite Disney memories!

First thing you need to know is that like many new restaurants this one is quick service for lunch and then switched over to sit-down restaurant at dinner time (beginning at 4:00pm) so if you can't snag a reservation you can at least hop on the line to enjoy the atmosphere for a quick lunch!

The Dining Rooms

There are 3 possible Dining Rooms you may be seated in at Be Our Guest restaurant. 

To your left upon entry is the West Wing.  Here you will see a darkened room much like the Beast's most private room from the 1990s film.  The theming is wonderful throughout the restaurant but the West Wing is particularly "Ooohed" and "Aaahed".  The portrait of Prince Adam (the Beast's human self) hangs above the mantel torn as it was during the film and off toward the window you can even see the illuminated enchanted rose and magic mirror.

To the right as you enter is the beautiful study.  Here you can see a gorgeous rotating statue of Belle & Beast dancing at the center as well as gorgeous portraits of Belle and Beast around the room including some of the most fun scenes from the film itself.

The final room, is the main room you enter upon entering for your meal.  The beautiful banquet hall where Mrs. Potts serenaded the young loves as the waltzed around after dinner.  This is my favorite room and I was thrilled to be seated here.  Of all the gorgeous touches the light snow falling in the windows may be the coolest.  No matter what time of year you dine here you are transported into the beautiful castle where Belle and Beast found love.

 Everything Else

All of the small touches are what make this dining experience so unique. You really do feel like you are enjoying a meal inside the Beast's castle.  While I love dining with Cinderella in her castle this is more spread out with multiple rooms and a really feeling like you are in the actual castle.  While we were ushered nearly directly to our seat our server made sure that we knew that we could wander about to check out the rest of the castle and on the way out of our meal we stopped and enjoyed checking out the different rooms in the castle. One of my favorite things is seeing the stained glass window from the prologue of the movie. 
Another great thing to note is that if you are celebrating a birthday and you let your server know (this was a meal during me and my hubby's dual birthday trip in March) they will not only bring you a dish of none other than Grey Stuff (try it, I hear its delicious) but we even got a card signed by the host and hostess! As if the desserts weren't tasty enough! The cupcakes were amazing!!  (Also, I have heard "Grey Stuff" is so popular it is going to be officially added to the menu!)

Once your meal is complete you head off into another wonderful room where you meet none other than your gracious and handsome host- the beast himself!  You even pass by some really fun technologically enhanced elements on your way in and out of this area.

This restaurant was fun and unique and I am in love with the entire area.  I spent so much time exploring the entire Beauty & the Beast area but this may be my favorite new addition to the parks in all the time I have been visiting them! What did I miss? Any questions? Ask below and I will help you out as best as I can!

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  1. Is the Beast always there for pre or post meal photos? Is it a photopass picture? Thanks!!