Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Liberty Square

Liberty Square can be often overlooked because it is so often used as a means to an end.  So many people walk though this area to get to the adjacent lands (Fantasy, Frontier, Adventure, and even Main St) that its prime location sometimes undermines its beauty.  Not only can you find some nice nods to American history here but there are some fun rides and plenty of places to eat and shop at!

  • The replica Liberty Bell and "two if by sea" lights in an upstairs window are my favorite parts of this land
  • The Haunted Mansion is located here as well as Hall of Presidents and Liberty Square Riverboat
  • Liberty Tree Tavern is the only sit down restaurant in this area and reservations here don't fill up as quick as other Magic Kingdom spots
  • You can grab a quick meal or snack at Columbia Harbor House, Sleepy Hollow, Liberty Square Market, and seasonally Diamond Horseshoe
  • There is a lovely Christmas shop located here that personalizes ornaments and has a great selection of holiday decor all year 

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