Friday, July 5, 2013

I heart Spaceship Earth!

I know I have made my love of this ride clear in the past but every once in a while I must write another love letter to this amazing attraction and centerpiece of all of Epcot.  

(That is me Spaceship Earth excited!)

I teach 9th Grade Social Studies in New York which is the first part of a two-year World History survey course.  I cover human history from Prehistory through the French Revolution and this ride runs through all the most amazing human achievements of my curriculum and it does so wonderfully thematically! I tell my students all the time how I wish I could just take them all on a ride for a sweet review lesson! Even the corny parts are fun and exciting! The ride vehicles, voice over, animatronics, and scenes are amazing! I love so much about this ride through human history and feel empowered every time I ride. 

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