Thursday, June 29, 2017

LeFou's Brew New Fantasyland Recipe!

It's impossible to visit Fantasyland without getting a Le Fou's Brew.  
Now you can make a delicious brew at home!

I love Beauty and the Beast! 
Naturally I went to see the live action Beauty and the Beast on opening weekend! After seeing the film I was whistling Be Our Guest for days.  I started to get homesick for Disney World and decided I needed a little taste of home!

LeFou's Brew was my first thought!  

I found all the ingredients to whip up the brew at my local grocery store except for the marshmallow syrup. I ordered it from Amazon for about $13 shipped via prime!

LeFou's Brew Recipe


Foam Topping:

1 cup heavy whipping cream, cold
4 tablespoons Mango Nectar/Juice
4 tablespoons Passionfruit Juice

Apple Slush:

2- 12oz cans of frozen Apple Juice
10-12 ice cubes
1/4 cup Toasted Marshmallow Syrup 


1.  Topping: Combine whipping cream and juices into mixing bowl. Beat on high 5-7 minutes (until stiff peaks form when mixing)

2. Slush: Blend ice cubes until they are chopped up.  Add both cans of apple juice, water, and syrup, blending on high until mixed. 

3.  Pour slush into cup and top with whipped topping.  

4.  Enjoy!!


The foam is actually a lightly flavored homemade whipped cream but it works here because the Lefou's Brew in the park is foam that mimics the head on a beer.  If you want to make this an "adult beverage" just swap out the marshmallow syrup with Butterscotch Schnapps and use the foam recipe I used for my Butterbeer here.

This is enjoyed best made to order. This recipe yields 4-5 cups of slush with plenty of whipped cream.

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**Disclosure- The Amazon link within this post is an affiliate link. If you purchase anything through this affiliate link there is no extra cost to you and the tiny commission helps me to run Picturing Disney.

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