Sunday, March 8, 2015

Conversations with Gaston

As many of you may or may not know, Gaston at Disney Parks has become somewhat of an internet sensation. (You can catch his act on YouTube). He is hilarious. This past trip he did not disappoint. Here are some examples:

A little girl in front of us on line tells him that she is going to see Belle. He says:
"BELLE! I'm going to MARRY her!" He tells the girl to touch the sleeve of his shirt.
"Do you know what this IS?" he booms in a deep authoritative voice.
She timidly shakes her head "no."
"It's MARRIAGE MATERIAL! Now you tell her about it!"

My friend's little girl is next.
He has her lift her arms over her head and he puts his arm on top of her hands.
"You need two arms to hold this muscle!" he tells her.
"Now don't let go! It's very heavy!"

Then he tells the crowd he is coming out with a thirteen month calendar. When the kids say there are only 12 months he proclaims
"I'm adding a 13th! 'Gastonuary!'"

This guy is a scream and anything is fair game.

Challenge him to an arm wrestle, a push up contest... or as my friend suggested - Tell him you're a feminist and like books! All of the characters are wonderful, but Gaston, he is not to be missed!

Make sure to make room in your schedule for him... but don't tell him. It will definitely go to his head!

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