Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Disney's Cinderella - A Dream Come True Review

As some of you may already know, there has been a lot buzz about a film based on a Classic Animated Disney Feature. Its no surprise that Disney's Cinderella has made box office gold. Not only has the fashion world gotten into the hype (see Cinderella's shoes debut at Saks in New York here), but the media has been all a flutter with praises for the film.

We definitely were out past midnight for our showing of Cinderella.
Going into our local movie theater, I will say that I did my very best not to get overly excited about this film. I hadn't looked at many of the slowly released film clips nor did I look into more information about the film and its producers. The only information I had to go on was that of the Disney Studios Live Action Panel at the 2013 D23 Convention. They truly kept things tight lipped. We were treated to a video of Kenneth Branagh, the director of the film, detailing some costume choices as well as the overall look and feel of the film. He also expressed his joy in the choice of Lily James, who played Cinderella. We also got to preview the teaser "slipper" trailer.

Upon arriving to the theater, the room was packed. Not even the floor seats were available. Gus, my husband, and I hunted down some seats, with the help of theater staff, in time to settle down and watch the film. From beginning to end, the film felt like Disney had somehow captured the real story of Cinderella in a bottle. You are transported to a distant land where magic lives in small doses. Fairy Godmothers are real and dreams do come true.

Each actor fit perfectly in their roles and the overall feel of the film was deep in rich details. I couldn't help but get excited when I saw small homages to the Animated Classic created by camera paneling and small shots that mirrored the film exactly. I was also surprised to see a nod to the original tale recorded by the Grimm Brothers. At the very beginning, while her new step sisters ask for lavish gifts from his travels, Cinderella asks for a small token. The first branch that would knock his hat off on his way home.

Truly, the film was a story book masterpiece and I absolutely believe that Disney and all involved made sure to think each detail through.

As an added bonus, check out the side by side trailer created for the film and its animated counterpart.

Look out for my Frozen Fever review!! Until next time, have you seen Disney's Cinderella yet? What did you think of the live action retelling of this classic animated film?

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