Saturday, February 1, 2014

Don't Feed The Birds

All over Walt Disney World, they are beautiful sights of natural life within the parks. Picture this: squirrels scurrying from tree to tree. Ducklings follow after their mother causing guests to stop in order to allow their little family by. It’s not uncommon for guests to pause, grab their camera, and capture the moment.

However, there is one thing that guests are guilty of doing. They feed the birds.

Julie Andrews, in her role as Mary Poppins, sings about the joy of feeding the birds for just a “tuppence a bag”. But, I don't think she meant to feed the birds pieces of a ginormous, two pound turkey leg. In this same vein of thought by feeding the birds, guests are making these harmless creatures into territorial, carnivorous beasts.
It's now a common sight to see a bunch of birds flocking and standing around the various turkey leg carts found around the parks. Not only have they grown to be fearless of guests, but what most do not realize is that they may take matters in their own talons. This has become a problem especially when you have children around.  Although they are various signs around the park asking guess not to do as the famous song says, guests continue to feed the birds.

My husband was one of those guests. That was until the bird nearly
snatched the snack away from him while he was trying to eat it.
Please by all means, do not let me deter you from enjoying a turkey leg. Just take this tip along with you the next time you decide to indulge. Make sure to walk AWAY from the dining cart area you purchased your snack from. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of your coveted snack.

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