Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby-mooning in Disney World

Wait, what? You read that right! For those of you Disney lovers I need no further explanation. For the rest of you, I’m sure you’re wondering why on EARTH would we pick Disney World as our last vacation moments before becoming more than just a couple? Why not some tropical locale where we both can relax and enjoy solitude before our house becomes totally chaotic?? (Melissa explains the draw best and I have to agree 100%)

Simply because we LOVE Disney. I was lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend who thought it was in his best interest (it was!) to take me on my first trip there years ago. As an adult, I fell in love with the place HARD. And 6 years later, we were engaged there at the Boardwalk. I tried my hardest to be able to get married there too but considering all the factors we just couldn't make that happen(I am holding out for maybe a Vow Renewal there one day *hint hint Hubby*)

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 Disney holds a special place in our hearts, so many memories we have created and shared there together. And while we can’t wait to share the magic with our daughter, we want to spend one last time together closing this amazing chapter and moving onto the next which I am sure will be just as magical if not more so.

Now I get questions, “Well what are you going to do there? You can’t ride any of the rides!” There is SO much more to Disney World than just rides! I'm excited to be able to explore the land I love with a different perspective!! A more laid back version if you will. We won’t be rushing to the next ride to spend all our time waiting on lines. What else are we missing while we wait? I can’t wait to find out! Stopping to smell the roses, taking pictures I thought of but never did, relaxing and enjoying the people watching, and exploring the hidden gems all over the parks! Since we’ll be going during the Food & Wine Festival, I get to eat my way around the World with little guilt!! What pregnant woman doesn’t love eating!? lol. I will definitely be documenting everything I try whether I love or hate it!

Images property and courtesty of Portrayable Photography

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