Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Epcot World Tour: Italy Pavilion!

Beautiful sounds and sights come up as you approach the Italian Pavilion in EPCOT. Most known for the tall, decadent buildings and replicas of famous statues, this pavilion also has a great selection of what Italy is known for: Pizza, Pasta, Wine, and Gelato!

  • Streetmosphere from Sergio and The Ziti Sisters
  • Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria (Sit Down Dining Service)
  • Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar (Quick Service & Sit Down Dining Service)
  • Tutto Italia Ristorante (Sit Down Dining Service)
  • Gelati (Counter Service)
  • Streetmosphere from Sergio and The Ziti Sisters
  • Marketplace shopping at La Bottega Italiana 
  • Exquisite Italian specialty shopping at Il Bel Cristallo
  • Shopping for Fine Jewelry and the like at La Gemma Elegante
Streetmosphere with The Ziti Sisters
With its rustic and authentic feeling, it would be shame to miss! Ciao!

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