Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Welcome to Mission:SPACE - you are about to experience take-off, journey and a visit to Mars!

Buckle up! There is no reason not to have an outer space experience. Leave it to Disney to realize that not all of us can handle G-Force acceleration and the tilting and twisting of a rocket ship… For those of you who need something milder, welcome to Team Green, a scaled down version which still simulates a space experience, without the extreme realism of the harsh forces of being propelled into outer space. Still this experience is exhilarating and memorable, but if you’re prone to motion sickness, or timid about the real deal of a space ship launch this option is for you.

For those of you who want that no-holds-barred experience of a space launch and the real world propulsion that goes with it– Welcome to Team Orange. Mission: SPACE in EPCOT offers Space Cadets (I got the irony) a chance to feel the centrifugal, G-force, real-life feel of a trip to space.

Either way – you don’t have to promise away the rest of your life to experience a launch, trip, and return to earth from Mars! You can enjoy the red planet and still get home without signing on forever!

Pre-trip you will go through Planetary Plaza. There are several quotes from space legends, which will whet your appetite for what’s ahead. Next, onward to the simulation room, and command station… then…. TO THE RIDE!

For those who are still unsure, there is an easy exit into a Mission:SPACE play area. Gotta love Disney for recognizing those who might a little skiddish about the unknown and giving them another option! The best part of a Disney vacation and also the chance to go, or not go to Mars – No regrets!

Team Green or Team Orange or just a supportive space fan looking to play some space games – head over to Mission:SPACE. You won’t be disappointed.

Contributed by Judy Dulberg

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