Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Disney magic at home!

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The worst part of any Disney trip is the walk of shame to the front of your building to check out.  It starts as a little ping in your chest when your eviction notice is slipped under your door and by the time you load your bags onto the Magical Express bus or into your car your heart feels heavy.  Its not until you get moving and start reliving the memories in your head that you are suddenly back in your happiest of happy places.

So how do you keep that Disney magic at home?
  • Start a collection! Trip after trip you can fill your collection and each piece will be memorable and fun! I have so many collections myself, here are some examples: vinylmations, pins, crushed pennies, ornaments, stuffed animals (I buy a new little stuftee every year myself!)
  • Keep mementos as you would pictures.  We keep all of our park tickets lined up across the top of our bulletin board side of our fridge, I created magnets out of my conservation fund donation pins, and we have pictures everywhere!
  • Make an album or scrapbook of your trip!
  • Join a Disney World forum and create a play by play trip report
  • Recreate meals at home from your favorite Disney parks restaurants and eateries!
  • Drink out of your refill mugs each morning (We have one from every trip and I switch off on them for my coffee each week! Im looking forward to the new bright summer one making my winter in New York feel like summer in the Sunshine State)!
  • No matter what STUFF you use to help you remember your Disney trips remember that Disney is about more than that! Disney is that feeling.  And sure, some people don’t get it, I know that as well as the next person.  It doesn’t matter though, because we Disney World lovers know how important it is to create magic everyday and keep our imaginations alive! 
What are some of the things you do to celebrate the magic at home? Let me know in the comment box below!!


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