Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Art of the Self Shot

We are all victims of it... whether in the park or at the bar or out and about.  With or without front facing cameras we stretch out or arms smile and hope that our self shot came out a self masterpiece.

I don't know if its my generation or my love of getting my own picture taken (I am such a ham) but I have perfected the self shot and with a few tips you can too!

1.  Get a front facing camera!!! lol! Obvious, I know, but I adore my Samsung TL225 and it has a tap on/tap off front facing camera just for such an occasion as do many smartphones today!

2.  Avoid the dreaded double chin! *Never* lean away from the camera when taking a self shot.  Actually they often come out best when you lean slightly towards the camera with your chin straight or slightly up.

3.  Stretch your arm out BUT point your camera lens towards the center of your focal area.  This seems like common sense but its something people don't always think about in the moment.

4.  Trying to catch a few friends in your picture? Have the tallest person take the pic... the taller you are the larger your wingspan is more than likely so you can get a better shot.

5.  Want the background in your picture? Aim your camera at the opposite shoulder of the hand you are  using so that you have a little rule of thirds action going on in your shot!

6.  Practice.  Take 5 pictures quick while everyone is smushed together instead of taking them 1 at a time and checking them.  You are bound to get it right if you are all together, leaning slightly in and pointing the camera at center.


  1. Those are all really good tips. I especially appreciate the "double chin avoidance" technique. Will definitely have to practice that one.

    Just discovered you from Chip & Co. so I have some reading to catch up on!

  2. Thanks so much Patti! Some self shots can be so bad I had to practice for a while! lol!