Monday, December 20, 2021

Top Disney Themed Board Games of 2021

Disney themed games are getting more varied and exciting each year. 
It's never easy to compile my list of top Disney themed games but I've managed to narrow down this years list  early this year...just in time for your last minute holiday shopping.

Family game night is hotter than ever. Families have rediscovered bonding through family game night and that is sure to bring a smile even to Scrooge Mc. Duck's face.

I've done my homework, attended the "virtual" trade shows, played with and reviewed as many games as I could to bring you the best of the best. I've included links so that you can shop the list effortlessly. Sit back, grab your favorite Disney, Marvel or Star Wars mug, a nice warm beverage and enjoy plotting out your winter fun.

**Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links for your convenience. You can purchase recommended games via my Amazon Affiliate Links at no extra cost to you.

Top Disney Themed Games of 2021:

Mad Tea Party- Funko Games- Ages 5+- Hurry or you'll be late to this twisty turvy tea party.  Stack the teacups after you play your card but watch out! Don't let the tea cups fall.

Something Wild- Funko Games- Ages 6+- Score 3 power cards first and win! The POP figures are so cute you can collect multiple games to mix and match and  brighten up your display shelf! 

Disney Mickey and the Beanstalk- Funk Games- Ages 4+- Winning this game is easier said than done, All you need to do is sneak across the Giant's table, grab some food and rescue the Golden Harp. This game is a fun adventurous challenge for the younger family members.

5 Second Rule- Disney Edition- Play Monster- Ages 6+- Just like the classic game but with a Disney twist.

Disney Gargoyles Awakening- Ravensberger- Ages 10+- Cooperative game based on the 1990's Disney cartoon. Players take the role of one of the Gargoyle heroes of the show or detective Elisa Maza. They work together to defeat Xanatos or Demona.

Marvel FUNKOVERSE Strategy Game- Funko Games- Ages 10+- If your family is anything like mine, first you'll have to battle amongst yourselves to pick your character,  Black Widow, Iron Man, Black Panther or Iron Man are all assembled for your family game night. The game can be a little confusing for younger tweens but with parental guidance they'll get the hang of it. Love the cool game expansions available (Thanos!) and the fact that you can mix and match Funkoverse versions for exciting play.
Photo @KidCongeniality

Villainous: Marvel Villainous Mischief & Malice- Ravensberger- Ages 12+- The First Marvel Villainous Expansion game. Play the role of a smooth yet dastardly Marvel Villain and work towards a unique objective...fighting off iconic Marvel Heroes!

Alice in Wonderland Funkoverse- Ages 10+ Get your croquet whites on! Game includes: 2 playable maps (Tea Party and Croquet Court) and 2 exclusive Funkoverse Pop! game figures (Alice and the Queen of Hearts) You even get a 1 in 6 chance for the glitter chase variant of the devilish Queen of Hearts!

Disney It's A Small World Game- Funko Games- Ages 4+- This beautiful 3D match game does the happiest cruise in the world justice. Players match cards to the scenes as they travel by boat through the rooms of the cheerful, classic ride. See our full review of this Toy of the Year (#TOTY) award nominee for Best Game of They Year 2021.

If you are looking for more holiday gift ideas check out our 2020 Game Guide.  These titles are still going strong and creating buzz among fans!

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