Sunday, December 20, 2020

Top Disney Themed Games of 2020

Disney holiday magic is guaranteed to bring a smile to even the biggest Scrooge's face. It's never easy to compile my Disney gift guide and it was particularly hard this year. 2020 was full of so much uncertainty but I looked towards hope and found even more joy in the Disney magic. 

I decided to limit my gift guide to games this time around because family game night is hotter than ever. Families have rediscovered bonding through family game night and it's priceless! I look forward to Friday nights at home especially when the pick is Disney themed. I've done my homework, attended the virtual trade shows, played with and reviewed as many games as I could to bring you the best of the best. I've included links so that you can shop the list effortlessly. So sit back, grab your favorite Disney mug, a nice cozy beverage and enjoy plotting out your winter fun.

**Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links for your convenience. You can purchase recommended games via my Amazon Affiliate Links at no extra cost to you.

Top Disney Themed Games of 2020:

The Haunted Mansion- Call Of The Spirits Game 

Funko Games- Ages 8+

Welcome foolish mortals!  It's time to collect ghosts, rack up points and win this hauntingly fun board game.

Fans of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney will appreciate the attention to detail. The Hitchhiking Ghost tokens are fantastically crafted and even the directions look like a high end brochure. What frightens me is that the artwork is so beautiful you won't be able to strategize while admiring it. Kudos to the folks at Funko Games for this beauty.  

Hocus Pocus 

Ravensberger- Ages 8+

The Sanderson sisters have returned and are trying to complete their evil potion to maintain their youthful look. 
Your mission is to quit running amok and stop the sisters before the sun comes up. Players must line up the ingredients properly to stun the witches which brings the sun closer to rising.  Sound easy? Have fun managing that oil of boil, dash of pox, dead man’s toe, and green newt salvia! I also love the artwork in this game. It put a spell on me and now I'm Winifred's.

Something Wild

Funko Games- Ages 6+

There are currently 6 Something Wild games each containing a small Funko of a favorite Disney character.
  • Toy Story (Woody)
  • Mickey and Friends (Mickey Mouse)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack Skellington)
  • The Little Mermaid (Ariel)
  • Aladdin (Genie)
  • Disney Villains (Maleficent)
The first player who scores “three Powers/points” by creating “runs” or “sets” of cards wins this fun card game. The game is quick moving and a lot of fun and the best part? Once you get the hang of it you can combine any of the 6 versions to play different characters together.  The game has had a great response and I am sure there will be new versions with additional characters down the road.

Marvel Villainous- Infinite Power 

Ravensberger- Ages 12+

Feeling a little evil these days? No better way to express your 2020 frustration than by channeling your inner Thanos, Hela, Killmonger, Ultron or Taskmaster! 
Pure dastardly fun like the original Villainous with a key change in how the fate cards work.  I like this change because your favorite super heroes can show up and mess with any of the villains rather than stay in their own universe.  
Being an asthetic personality, I am disappointed that the game pieces are not made of the beautiful resin like the original Villainous. The pieces, particularly Hela and Thanos would look completely amazing in rich, heavy resin! Beyond that we enjoyed this new twist on a now "older" favorite.

Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game 

Ravensberger- Ages 8+

Covid-19 may have delayed the release of Disney's Jungle Cruise Movie until July 2021 but the game will hold you over just fine. This is a fun game for fans of the ride and perfect for family fun. My son does not do well with overly complex games but enjoys trying to get his passengers to safety even if he has to work on his strategy a bit more. Bonus perk is that there is a joke on each card to brighten your mood during the hour or so of play.

Disney's merchandise offerings have been fabulous as usual in a year that has been less than stellar.  That's a nice, cheerful way to say 2020 stunk, but hey... at least we still have plenty of Disney magic at home.

Here's to a magical holiday season and healthy 2021 for all!

**Note that I may have received samples of some of these games to review- but not all.  I did however play with all of these items (either at the NY Toy Fair, virtual trade shows or from my son’s personal collection).  I would never recommend a product we didn’t truly like. 

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