Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wakanda Style: Black Panther Inspired Fashion

In conjunction with the Black Panther DVD release, Marvelous new Wakanda worthy fashion collections are hitting the market!

Black Panther has become a cultural phenomenon! Fans of all ages are looking for on trend, fashion-forward styles to express their love for the film. My ten year old won't stop wearing his Black Panther shirt. When he sees the collections below he is going to want every piece.

Marvel X Mizizi Baseball Jersey $79.99

This Wakanda jersey was created because the brand's Twitter followers suggested it! 
The brand has started a trend online #stayrooted 

Under Armour $30

Under Armour $25

Hot Topic $15.00-$16.75

New Era Hats $28.00 each

Stance Socks $16.00

With these trendy nods to T'challa, the popularity of these collaborations are sure to have fans celebrating Wakanda Forever!