Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Wreath For Fall

I have been having major withdrawals since my last trip to Disney. It doesn’t help that I am constantly seeing pictures on social media of all the Disney Parks' beautiful fall decorations. 
What is a girl to do? 

Make Your Own Disney Wreath!

You will need:

·       1 large grapevine wreath (the wreath pictured above is 12.5 inches)
·       2 smaller grapevine wreaths of identical size (the wreaths above are 6 inches)
·       Ribbon
·       Rope (can have seedlings or be any color you fancy)
·       Acrylic paint
·       Wooden or ornamental letter

-Measure out your wreath's look. I “eyeballed” how close together I wanted the 6 inch "ears" to fit onto the 12.5 inch wreath. Once you have decided you can begin to wrap one wreath to another.

-Tightly wrap your rope within the vines of one wreath to create a secure hold. Continue to wrap through both wreaths until you have to attached the second of the smaller wreaths.

-Be very generous with the rope. The more you have to wrap, the more secure your wreath will be.

*TIP: The autumn inspired rope I used was about 9 feet long. 

-Once you have securely bound all three wreaths together, you will need your ribbon. 

-Use a long ribbon to hang your letter on the inside of the main wreath. 

-Make sure to leave enough slack to tie a knot or two so that you can create a long loop to use to hang the wreath. 

-To add a personalized touch, I used the initial of our last name. I painted it with cream and gold acrylic paint. I also added two little hearts to represent me and my husband.

-When the letter is dry, take some of the same rope you tied around the wreaths and bind the ribbon to the letter. 

Now go hang it up and enjoy! 
I hope that every time you look at your wreath you feel a little bit of the Disney Magic at home.

Looking for a printable version of this craft?  Head over HERE!

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