Saturday, November 25, 2017

Pride, Gratitude, Joy and a Giveaway

Thanksgiving has me thinking about pride, gratitude and joy.

What is Gratitude? What exactly does it mean to be truly thankful? Do you need to have gratitude to find joy in life?  What about Pride?  If you find pride in the little things are you also building confidence?  Will success and therefore happiness follow?

We certainly don't have the answers here at Picturing Disney but I can tell you that it all becomes a little clearer after reading My Pride: Finding Joy On and Off the Stage  by Alton Fitzgerald White 
I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of this book.  You can read our interview with Alton by clicking on the link above.  I promise that you will enjoy Alton's story and come away feeling like you have just gotten some advice from a friend.

My Pride: Mastering Life's Daily Performance

In fact...

To celebrate Thanksgiving and gratitude we are giving away a personally autographed copy of My Pride!  

Alton White- Longest Running Mufasa on Broadway

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  1. This sounds like an amazing book. A great read, especially around this time of year. Thanks for the giveaway too!

    1. Good luck if you entered. The book is very motivational.

  2. Awesome giveaway! This book sounds like a great read, I will have to put it on my list.

  3. Great giveaway! Sounds like a good read! Is this open WW?

  4. I am always looking for new books to read with the kids. This one looks like a winner!

  5. This book seems like such a great gift for giving this time of year. During this time of year, everyone is reflecting on their lives and thinking about what actually does bring them joy.

    1. Kelly I agree completely! I am giving it to a few friends this year.