Sunday, September 25, 2016

Post Disney Trip Blues


We just recently arrived home from another action packed trip to Walt Disney World!

Napkin from Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

What a trip!  
We hit a patch of bad weather in Orlando but that didn't stop us.  We put on our ponchos and had some fun!
Tusker House, Animal Kingdom

The only bummer was that due to storms the Jungle Book show was canceled the two nights that we were in Animal Kingdom.  A major plus was that the crowds were low and we were able to hit a lot of spots to eat that we normally would not have been able to get reservations for.

The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest

Alas, now it is back to reality.  Time to deal with the post Disney blues.
They struck like clockwork.!  I was hoping that if we came home to beautiful weather (which we did) that might lift our spirits a bit.
Nope!  As "they say" a rainy day in Disney is better than a sunny day anywhere else!
But you know what did lift our spirits?   A few days after we arrived home a big package was delivered to our door.

Disney sent us a Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere & a Mission Rover to review.  I am so excited for my son to play with these toys and to give you our honest review.  Stay tuned for part one on the blog on Tuesday and.... remember....

Pillow seen in Frontier Trading Post at Walt Disney World

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