Friday, September 30, 2016

Miles from Tomorrowland Mission Rover Review

What's better than flying around in space?  Getting out of your ship and exploring extra-terrestrial terrains in your own Mission Rover!  Planning a trip to the Moon, Mars or Venus?  You will certainly need your own Mission Rover to work up samples in your mobile space lab.

My son was so thrilled when Disney sent us a Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere to review that he was too busy jumping around to see the amazing Mission Rover sitting on the bottom of the box.  Once I reigned him in he was ecstatic to be able to play with both.

Like the Stellosphere, the Mission Rover is sturdy and durable.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate this as a mother.  I am constantly finding broken toy pieces around the apartment.  I don't expect to see many broken Mission Rover parts.  The toy is appropriate for younger children as there are only a few small pieces (4 space instruments) that are non essential to play.  The instruments can be taken away and hidden until the child reaches an appropriate age.

The Mission Rover opens up to reveal a mobile space lab.  Miles and his family easily fit into the lab and can run experiments on space rocks and foreign objects.  The Mission Rover has two cool robotic arms that can move in different directions.  One arm can blast away space jun with its flash beam launcher and the other arm can pick up the debris for inspection.

Logan really liked the green Terra Skiff which rolls off he back of the Mission Rover to help Miles explore exotic locales such as Mars.

The Mission Rover retails for $39.99 and will provide your child with many hours of interesting and imaginative play time.

Check out the Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere--> Here 

Official Product Description:
Miles and his friends are all part of the Cosmic Explorers who use the Mission Rover as a mobile space lab. Once the Cosmic Explorers reach their destination they can open up the back of the Mission Rover to reveal the mobile space lab. Inside the lab, Leo can give Miles missions with the touch of a button. To help Miles complete any mission the Rover has 2 Robotic Arms that can be moved to different locations on the vehicle to blast away obstacles with the flash beam launcher, or move space debris with the grappling claw. Miles can use the Terra Skiff for any missions that require him to leave the safety of the Rover. Once Miles is ready to use the Space Lab, it is equipped with 4 space tools, including robotic IO, to help with whatever they may need. Join Miles as he explores Mars in his Rover!
Available in stores now.
**Disclosure:  Picturing Disney was sent a Mission Rover to review.  This in no way affected our opinion.  Our review is honest and unbiased**

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