Sunday, December 13, 2015

DIY Mickey & Minnie Ornaments

© Monique Garcia

If your holiday season is anything like mine, you are rushing to buy those last minute Christmas presents. However, I may have two wonderful, inexpensive gifts that you yourself can create.

After creating our Autumn, Disney Inspired Wreath, I decided to make some for the Christmas holiday for different family members. You can check out the blog post here for more information on how you can make your own Disney Inspired Wreath and add a few magical touches of your own.

Another gift that is great to do is your very own Mickey Christmas Ornaments. I have a co-worker who loves to decorate for the holidays in themes. This year her house is all filled with Gingerbread décor. Next year, her décor theme will be none other than Disney. As our office gift exchange drew near, I had no idea what to get her. Yes, there are beautiful items available on, but at this point, times were desperate. As I looked through department stores, I just couldn’t find that perfect item for her theme next year. Then it hit me…I could make her some decor.

I stopped at Target and in their dollar section they had tubes of plastic, round ornaments. They had matching sets in different sizes and colors. I grabbed two sets of both small and medium ornaments and ran home.

For this project, you will need:
  •           Plastic, Round Ornaments: any size will do as long as you have two of the smallest for the ears and one larger ornament
  •           A Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  •           Scissors and an available trash can
  •           Ribbon or any decorative touches (optional)
  •           Hooks (decorative or those that come in the box)
  •           Shot glasses or tiny teacups. Either one will serve as a place to set your ornaments while building and allowing the glue to set without a huge mess.

Take the smallest of the plastic ornaments and carefully remove the silver clasp. Then grab your scissors and cut the at the base of the ornament. Try to cut gently over a trash can so that you have less mess and keep most of your ornament intact. This will allow for the smaller ornaments to sit flat (as best as possible) on the larger ornament. Grab your glue gun and be a little generous with the amount of glue you set on the smaller ornament. If you put a tiny dot or thin layer of glue, it will not hold. Place the small ornament on the larger ornament and let it set for 2-5 minutes. Once the ornament is set, do the same to the other side. Voilà! You have made an adorable Mickey Mouse Silhouette Ornament.

© Monique Garcia

For an added touch of magic, I took half of the ornaments and placed bows on the top to make the look like Minnie Mouse. 

Have a merry and safe Holiday Season!!

Looking for a printable version of this craft?! Head over HERE!

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