Friday, December 21, 2018

Disney Villainous: The Board Game Where The Worst Takes It All!

Are you prone to the dark side? Do you like to get your wicked on with a sly grin? 
Disney Villainous is the perfect board game for you! 

When playing Disney Villainous from Wonder Forge you get to take on the persona of your favorite Disney Villain. To win, you must explore your villain's unique abilities and try to fulfill their destiny.

Game Play:

You have the choice of playing as one of six notorious villains: Maleficent, The Queen of Hearts, Ursula, Jafar, Prince John or Captain Hook. Each villain has their own unique criteria for victory.  You play on beautifully designed Villain Movers (game boards) which are tailored to each individual villain. 

You also get your own Villain deck and a Fate deck. The Villain cards help you vanquish your enemies while the Fate cards are full of heroes trying to defeat your goals.
During each new round you move your Villain token to a location not currently occupied. The actions associated with that location become the stepping stones that fuel the path to your Villain's purpose.  It sounds confusing but once you get into the swing of things the game moves along smoothly.  

Here's my tip: The Villain Guides are super helpful. They outline the winning goal for your villain and provide winning strategies.  They also warn against cards that you should be wary of.


The Pawns are exquisitely made.  They are a nice size to hold and I am going to admit I spent way too much time admiring their jewel toned colors.  

The artwork on the Game Boards and the card decks are perfect.  The designers of this game should be given an award for design and style accuracy.  

The Verdict:

We loved the game. Anyone would be happy to find this game under their Christmas tree.  My 11 year old son struggled a bit with all of the rules.  I do think that the recommended age 10 and up is a little optimistic.  I'd say the game is more in the wheel house of 12+.  That being said I think this is a game best played with a group.  The three of us had fun but we are itching to bring it over to our extended family during Christmas break. We are a competitive bunch and I can see the role of villain taking over our whole world!  

My one complaint:
Where was Cruella DeVille?  How about Scar? I actually had to explain to my son who Prince John was. I thought he was an odd choice to be among such devilishy well known Disney Villains. I hope to see more dastardly devils coming in future editions. If you feel the same way you can vote on which characters you'd love to see in the game.  
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Additional Details:

Recommended for ages 10+
2-6 players
The box contains:

  • 6 Villain Pawns
  • 6 Game Boards
  • 6 Villain Guides
  • 6 Villain Card Decks (30 cards per deck)
  • 6 Fate Decks (15 cards per deck)
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • 3 Lock Tokens
  • 1 Fate Token
  • 80 Power Tokens
  • 1 Cauldron
For more information visit-->  Wonder Forge

**I was provided one Disney Villainous board game to facilitate my review.  This in no way affected my ability to provide an honest review.  My review is truthful and my own honest opinion**

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