Monday, October 26, 2015

Park Style How To: Easy Braided Bun

Let me preface this by saying I love My Yellow Sandbox.  The author, Abby, has tons of awesome hairstyle how-tos up there and I am nearly positive I got this from there but it was so easy I didnt' save the directions and have no idea what she would have called it!

I am always looking for easy styles for pulling my hair back in the parks, I have A LOT of hair and it is thick and long so when I am in Disney World or Land during hot temps I tend to stick with easy messy buns, and different versions of ponytails.  There is so much more to do with your hair when you are there for less humid times so I wanted to try and come up with some new styles for my next summer adventure in the Parks.

I love this style because it will take very little effort and time (the first time I tried it took me 15 minutes, second time 10).  The only problem is it would not have held up for someone with as much hair as me all day. But another plus is that even with layered hair like I have it works because the little flyaways give it a boho feel that works with all that braid.

So whats the verdict?
This style is great for someone with long hair or thick hair for a meal...I was thinking maybe pull it up for breakfast and then unplug it and do a low, wavy, side ponytail the rest of the day OR maybe matched with a cute dress or skirt for the evening whether going to a signature meal or just wandering around Downtown Disney it can be dressed up or down.
This style is great for someone with less heavy hair... thin to medium thickness or a little longer than shoulder length for the day. I especially think it could work well on kids to keep their hair out of their faces!
Another thing I love about it is you dont have to be very precise.  As you can see in my pics I just eyeballed my sections and didn't even make perfect lines or perfectly straight braids.  It all gets corrected when you roll it up and pin it! Well, without and further adieu...


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