Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Our favorite non-Disney character, a Beagle, and a Giveaway!

Do you ever feel like you can find a little magic everywhere you go? I think if you try hard enough you can find a piece of Disney magic everywhere as well! Take this summer for example, my boyfriend and I had taken a trip up to the Normal Rockwell Museum. What was the first print we found when we walked in? One that Mr. Rockwell had dedicated to Mr. Disney himself!

Another animation icon, Charles M. Shulz's delightful characters have been part of my life forever.  I wasn't very surprised when I found out that after his precursor to the Peanuts strip (Lil Folks) came out, Shulz was invited to a probationary appointment at Walt Disney Studios! He turned it down, but I do like to think that it connects Mr. Good Grief & Mr. M. Mouse just a little!

When our friends over at LeSportSac partnered with Peanuts for a slew of new patterns to couple the adorable beagle's big screen release we just COULD NOT WAIT for a chance to check them out (and give them away to you!!!

As always, LeSportSac does not disappoint.  The creativity of pattern design, functional bag designs, and the high quality manufacture (not to mention the long life) of these bags is not to be paralleled!

The lines in these collections can be found here:

We are ready to share these cute bags with you... so stay tuned to Picturing Disney for a sweet giveaway (or two)! 

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