Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Enchanted Tales with Belle

One of our favorite experiences in Fantasyland is Enchanted Tales with Belle.  This experience flies under the radar and definitely should not!  I consider this a top ten thing to do at Disney especially if you have a young Beauty and the Beast fan in your group!  
Upon arrival to Maurice’s (Belle's dad) cottage you are treated to glimpses of Belle's childhood including all of the books she loved to collect.  This is a nice way of moving guests through the long line into Maurice's workshop.  A magic mirror then transports you into a wardrobe.  While in the wardrobe, guests are picked to reenact a scene from the movie.  This "play" takes place in the Beast's magnificent library and surprise...stars Belle!  I do not want to spoil the experience by giving you all the details but you will be treated to terrific effects and animatronics during the play.  
My son was chosen to play the Beast in our session.  It was fantastic.  He really got into character and was smitten dancing with Belle around the room.  If you are chosen to act in the play you get a photo pass card and the photos that are taken are amazing.  Of course I purchased them all.
I can't stress enough how this is the only assured attraction to meet Belle in the Magic Kingdom!  Belle sometimes shows up at Cinderella's Royal Table but it is not a guaranteed guest.  Belle never attends lunch or dinner at Be Our Guest so this really is your best opportunity to meet the beautiful Belle.  I have read some reviews that said only the guests chosen to be in the play got to interact with Belle.  This was not our experience.  Belle had anyone who wanted to meet her line up to come up for a photo and she graciously spent time talking to everyone.  I am not sure if this changes based on wait times but I can tell you it was a true treat! 

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