Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Disney Tsum Tsum- A Cute Obsession

If you haven't heard about the latest free Disney themed app, I'm here to introduce you to the adorably, addictive TSUM TSUM. 

TSUM TSUM is a matching game similar to Bejeweled. The only difference is you have 60 seconds to match and "pop" as many cuddly Tsums as possible. The more tsums you pop in one shot, the more points and coins you receive.

Each Tsum has a special power up play. At the very beginning, you are given a Mickey Mouse tsum. As you increase your level and complete daily missions, you can purchase from either a Happiness Box or a Premium Box.

Here are some of the Tsums I've collected:

So far, Perry has become a great asset to have. Zero, not so much. Also, I included a list of characters each box will give you. The Happiness Box will cost 10,000 coins while a Premium Box will cost 30,000 coins.

In order to interact with others and play against them, you need to have a LINE account. LINE is a Japanese messaging system, almost like Whatsapp, that is directly tied to the creation of this app. If you do not want to create an account with LINE, you can still play, but it may not track your progress. The both apps (LINE & TSUM TSUM) are available for both IOS and Android devices.

If this wasn't enough information to get you playing, watch this:

Don't they look cuddly?! Well, I can tell you firsthand that they are. It turns out (as end of the video mentioned) that Tsums are a new product sold by the Disney Store. You can get your very own Tsum(s)!! They recently came out with an Alice in Wonderland themed bunch that are just too cute not to share. I personally cannot help but want to get one myself.

How about you? Have you or anyone else you know been bit by the TSUM TSUM bug?

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