Thursday, August 28, 2014

Late Summer/Early Fall Fantastic Book Finds From Disney Publishing!

We are thrilled about the partnership we have with Disney Publishing over the last several months and the new and recent releases could not be more fun! 

The adorable "purse" books which include both Sofia's Purse and Minnie's Purse can be carried around like pocketbooks (literally) and clip open to revel an adorable thin board book! You can get either of these for under $9* and they make an adorable addition to any little girls book collection (or a great gift)!

I am a fan of the integration of photos and drawings in the great word recognition book My First Words.  It combines images of the real world and Disney characters.  The easy words can make this book transition from a book to help a baby learn new words to a book that helps an early reader identify letters.  

 Doc McStuffins hardcover book Doctor's Helper is beautiful and well done.  I love the drawing style- it reminds me very much of the Frozen book I reviewed earlier this year! I love the smell of books that are printed in this style too.  This adorable story centers around Doc and Ellie and you can get a copy for around $13* and comes with a free e-book version.   

Also be on the lookout for new adventures in thin paperbacks. Spiderman vs Dracula, A Goofy Fairytale, and Treasure of the Tides are available now.  Each adventure comes with a sticker page and can be picked up for around $5*!  Also look out for the Jake Winter Neverland board book for your favorite Disney Junior fan!

The Marvel release Captain America The Tomorrow Army is a chapter book with comic stylings. The pictures often have bubbles and the fonts remind me of some of my favorite comics. You can nab a copy for under $7* or head over and enter our Back to School giveaway where a copy of this title is part of the prize pack!

Rounding out these new releases is Five Minute Spooky Stories.  Featured are stories starring character from your fave Disney films: Toy Story, Tangled, Finding Nemo, Winnie the Pooh, Sleeping Beauty, Monster's Inc, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Cars, Beauty and the Beast, Wreck it Ralph, and of course Mickey & friends. For $10* you can pick up this great book with stories to fill up your child's October bedtimes in anticipation of Halloween! The art is well done on this hardcover and the spooky stories are not spooky enough to keep anyone up at night!

*All suggested prices are the Amazon listed prices as of publishing this article.  

**We received these books as review copies and the MSRP and local purchase prices in stores may differ** 

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