Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mad Hatter Tea Party Shower!

In the first post in this series I put the above picture collage from the most awesome Disney-themed party I've ever had.  However, I had no hand in throwing it since it was my Bridal Shower! Instead of bugging my sister, mother, and the other shower-planning helpers about where they found all the elements that they created for my special day I thought a picture tour would be the most fun! :)

First, the big goofy classic Bridal Party chair was placed at the head of the table for me (here I am with my sister and niece, June 2009). 

As you can see in the original collage pic, the drinks (iced teas of course) that were served while everyone waited for me with their noshies had "Drink Me" signs on them.  And the cupcakes read "Eat Me".  My mom created a topsy turvy cupcake stand with paper mache, paint, and her creative magic.  She put fondant flowers atop each cupcake as they would around the stand and on the table. 

Sometimes food really can be a work of art! The party was held outside in my grandparents' backyard for a garden party feel.  There was a big white tend set up and everything was in bloom thanks to the time of year.

Some of the most notable parts of the decorations were the hanging paper lanterns and pop up bells.  There was also a large Mad Hatter hat (which you can see the top 80% of in the above pic), and lots of colored buckets as vases for bright colored gerber daisies and big handmade paper flowers!

The tables were set up in a small "T" with the guests sitting down the long end and my chair at the head of the top. My bridal party sat with me at the ends. The colors popped so much agains the green grass and table cloths! And the mismatched heights and multi colored decorations added to the whimsy. 

The tablewear featured some mad mis-matched plated and bright colors favor cups! The cups includes crazy straws, tea candies, and some tea-- even a personalized tea bag featuring Alice & the Hatter with a cute saying. :)

Besides both hot and cold tea they served cocktails (we're all mad here) all in awesome cups and mugs.  And there were teapots spotted around on the table and even the watermelon was cut into one for the fruit salad. Here (above) is my Grandma taking a sip for no other reason than that I love and miss her. 

And from this glimpse of the table you can catch some of the finger foods that were served.  Lots of really adorable apps and finger sandwiches (you can check out a closer pic of the sandwiches in the collage pic).  We had real tea party with a nice Disney twist.  The tea party food and drink, the outside setting, and the great decorations made this Mad Tea Party one of the most amazing and love-filled parties anyone has every thrown for me. :)

How do you celebrate your unbirthday with a Disney twist? Don't forget about the unbirthday contest running through September 15, 2013.

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