Saturday, September 7, 2013

Remy & Ratatouille Making Birthday Magic!

My husband and I have birthdays just 5 days apart (well, two years and five days if we are getting technical) and when we first moved in together I decided we should have our families over for dinner and cake to celebrate.  Since we were making dinner I looked for something chef-inspired for a little theme and landed on Ratatouille. I originally bought all my stuff from Birthday in a Box but now it looks like you can only find it on Hard to Find Party Supplies.  What is great about both sites is they have everything!
There is this huge push lately for this perfect little handmade things everywhere at parties and blogs are making big money by creating a thousand mini mason jar milkshakes for kindergarteners who won't remember it.  These sites offer supplies at a low cost, help you create a fun theme, and take away from stress that must ensue with too much time searching on Pinterest.  I even got these two cute banners/posters.  The only thing note pictures are the awesome paper Remy chef hats which I had already nabbed free I think from Disney Movie Rewards but it could have been a freebie elsewhere or in the parks! 
The best part? The awesome cake my mom made with her crazy amazing fondant skills.

How do you celebrate your birthday with a Disney twist? Don't forget about the unbirthday contest running through September 15, 2013.

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