Thursday, February 28, 2013

Studio Ghibli Love!

I love Hayao Miyazaki and fairytales so clearly after some time I realized I should post to you all about it.  When I was in high school (about to age myself here) a friend and I stumbled on My Neighbor Totoro which is probably why I hold this particular anime film so dear to my heart.  It was my first, and we all know you never forget your first. ;) In any case, my BFF and I gave it a try and I really enjoyed it so my next visit to Blockbuster Video involved Spirited Away and then Howl's Moving Castle and slowly I started my fandom.  I tried to catch as many new Miyazaki films as I could and would count him in the ranks of Mr. Disney and Jim Henson as one of my favorite storytellers.  

I was so into Howl's at one point that I tried to read the book- I downloaded the original on my Nook.   To my dismay I had a hard time getting through it and found myself skimming.  I decided to get the disc through Netflix since I had not seen it in years and force myself to finish the book before the movie arrived.  After reading this version of the story I realized that Hayao Miyazaki was what was missing from the original. :) This is one of the only times I would say that the shorter picturebook version of something is worth reading than the original. Just figured it was some food for thought since so many Disney fans have enjoyed Miyazaki's work since Studio Ghibli has come to the states. And since I am a voracious reader and wanted to start sharing more reviews here! I swear, some imagery is more beautiful on screen then even in my own crazy imagination. ;)

Are you a Studio Ghibli fan? If not, I highly recommend Howl as well as Spirited Away and Ponyo! (Ponyo in particular should be a big hit with kids!) I love when storytelling and fantasy can tell stories across the world. :)

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