Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free Bullseye Horse Crochet Pattern!

After creating this little fellow for a friend he informed me that all of his kids started to call him "Bullseye" and asked me to make another for his daughter with Bullseye's coloring (mainly a brown saddle, brown eyes, and lighter brown snout). Unfortunately I didn't take any pics before I wrapped up the new Bullseye but I think you can tell be the amigurumi style that this little guy has a pretty good resemblance to Woody's trusty steed from the Toy Story films.

As part of my FREE crochet pattern collection here on Picturing Disney you can create your own Bullseye using THIS PATTERN.

Although the pattern does not feature any pics of this little horse with Bullseye's exact coloring you should have no problem substituting (or making other famous Disney horses like maybe Flynn Rider's pal Maximus).

Happy Crocheting!