Friday, December 28, 2012

Something There That Wasn't There Before

Beauty and the Beast is one of the new classics and as a child of the 80s and 90s Belle was one of my idols. I loved her spirit of adventure and the fact that she was a brunette bookworm like me. And I am not alone, the new Disney classics brought a rebirth of the heroine.

If you love this movie (as I do) you are probably enchanted by the opening of the New Fantasyland without even having visited yet (as I am). In celebration of this new addition (since the stage show and story time were never quiet enough Belle for me) here are some fun facts you may have never known about the film:

The Beast is comprised of different parts from different animals. Here's the complete rundown: he has the upper torso of a bear, wolf legs and tail, buffalo head and beard, wild boar nose and tusks, a gorillas heavy brow, and the mane of a lion! Wow!

The entire Be Our Guest sequence was first a song that was sung to Maurice, Belle's father, and after a run through it was realized it better suited Belle so animators had to shift the song later into the film and reanimate the scenes with Maurice into Belle!

And when Maurice gets lost in the woods and happens upon a sign it points to Newhall (the Golden Oak Ranch site), Valencia (where you can find the Cali institute of Arts) and Anaheim (home of Disneyland)!

(Find out more in the book Mouse Under Glass!)

I have always loved this film and can't wait to see the castle and try the "grey stuff" at Be Our Guest (I heard its delicious). I think I may even sit for the stage show this time around- I have always skipped it for fear it would never live up to the Broadway musical which I adore. I will say I did always enjoy a stop at Mrs. Potts Cupboard for a snack and have met Belle and her Beast in Epcot both in France and Akershus as well as at the Magic Kingdom meet and greet! ;)

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