Sunday, December 2, 2012

Make your own Vinylmation Holder!

I had this epiphany that I could use a spice rack as a cute way to display my Vinylmation in my Disney kitchen.  Went out to Michael’s Arts & Crafts only to find that they don’t sell unfinished spice racks (LOL). So I improvised.  And about 10 minutes and $12 later I came home with this stuff:
IMAG0377 400x239 Disney DIY   Make Your Own Vinylmation Holder %tag
I used a Shadow Box that was made to create your own checker or chess board, some wooden sticks that were just slightly higher quality and thickness of paint stirrers, a cute cut-out that said “Imagine”, and paint
IMAG0378 400x239 Disney DIY   Make Your Own Vinylmation Holder %tag
I am both an impatient and impulsive crafter so I used acrylic paint to paint what would become my shelving (the wooden sticks) and then took the paint outside to paint the shadowbox.  I then repeated painting each to get a second coat in.
IMAG0379 400x239 Disney DIY   Make Your Own Vinylmation Holder %tag
I then did the same thing with the first layer of clear coat (with the exception of bringing the sticks outside).
The next step was assembly, so I slipped a little crazy glue on the Imagine word and used it to cover an imperfection in the wood.  Then I glued the shelves in with the tiniest bit of Gorilla Glue in the corners to make sure they stayed snug.
I let dry and voila!
Although I still think a spice rack would be an easy fix, since here at Chip & Co we love Top 5s here are some tips for creating your own…
Top 5 Tips for Making Your Own Vinylmatin Holder
(This can also be called 5 Things I Learned From my Crafts Today)
1.  Check the wind before you start spraying clear coat outside.
2.  It is easier to keep your jewelry clean when you take it off PRIOR to painting.  
3.  Sometimes thumbtacks work just as good as nails (PS- Don’t tell my husband that one!)
4.  Not all 3″ vinyls are 3″… bring your tallest one with you as a measurement!
5.  Annnd if your vinylmation army is large (as mine has grown since this project last summer)... consider purchasing a holder! Shotglass holders are PERFECT! Michaels Arts & Crafts sells ones that you can get 50% off sometimes! I have since upgraded to these and must say they are great for bigger collections because they have a door that keeps dust out! 

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