Saturday, October 6, 2012

Make your own Disney Tshirt Scarf!

Since you guys were so amazing at helping me get votes for the Jack Johnson Upcycled Tshirt Contest I wanted to return the favor and give you my rundown on how I made the scarf in the first place! First let me share an email I got this weekend:

Hello Melissa,

Congratulations!  You are a runner up in the Jack Johnson Upcycled T-Shirt Contest!
We will be sending you a selection of Jack Johnson t-shirts or sweatshirts to create your design and will pick the t-shirts or sweatshirts that we think will work best for the design you submitted. 

As a runner up, there is a chance that your creation could be featured in the online auction of the Top 10 Winning Ideas if one of the winning designs is not completed in time or up to our standards. 
Thank you for such a creative design, and we are looking forward to seeing your best works! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Jack Johnson Music - Brushfire Records

YAYYY!!! In any case, I came across this fabulous How-To for creating your own “T-shirt Scarf” through pinterest and immediately thought of all the tees I find myself lining my drawers with.  I can’t seem to part with some of my Disney tees because they have sentimental value to me (even the ones which I only wore for the plane trip and especially those that were never immoratlized in a pictures)! I decided to hand-sew and while watching a movie sat and stitched away following the directions precisely.  They were easy to follow and I am sure instead of taking 2 hours you could throw this together in under 40 minutes with the aid of a sewing machine. The only subtle change I made was a clean end instead of the strips.  To do this you simply need to finish off one short end as you did the long sides and then inside out, fold in the remaining end and carefully stitch it closed inside.  The step by step is so well done I don't think you need any more advice from me! :)


  1. This is really cool! I hope yours gets in the auction.

    1. Me too! I still haven't received my package of tshirts tho!