Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Social Experiment

Recently, I got to thinking (since my fast-approaching-30-year-old self has been around the block quite a few times when it comes to friendship) how true the old adage is about how if you have one true friend its worth a million Facebook friends (or something like that). lol.

I have always consider myself "true friend" material.  I think I am kind and thankful and reflective (I know when to apologize and try to be a better friend in the future).  I also can admit when a friendship has run its course and live happily knowing that someone touched my life for whatever amount of time it was... even though having someone not "like" me drives me nuts I am (kinda) an adult. lol. In any case, I wondered (read this the way that Sarah Jessica Parker used to read her Carrie Bradshaw column questions on SATC) "If a friend is only a friend because I keep the spark of friendship alive, are we friends at all?"

And thus my social experiment had begun... born out of the thought that there are some people whom I am always the initiator with.  I deleted all the messages from my phone and did not initiate any text messages unless it was a question I needed answered.  Plus I made a rule- no texts about things so if someone text me to say they got a new outfit or computer or whatnot that did not count as true friend-contact unless they discussed further than "guess what I got?".
After a week some interesting notes could be made:
(1) My husband is now and will always be my numero uno.
(2) I am so lucky to have incredible family!!
(3) Forever friends are called that because even though we don't talk every day we text each other when something or someone makes us think of one another and if we are in town for even just a day.  That means everything, period.
(4) It's okay to be a placeholder. I found that there was a few people who I didn't hear from at all.  People who I had felt incredibly close to but not enough for them to want to talk to me at any point within a given week+.  I was hurt at first but decided life is too short and I am happy they have true friends somewhere in this big crazy world.  It makes me a little down just thinking about it but I love the people in my life and am happy with the true friends I connected with this week.
Annnnd (5) which is the entire reason I thought to post here....
Disney friends are the best friends!!! I got texts on the first day from one of my great friends who I met through Disney and the day after from another Disney kindred spirit.  If it weren't for my love of Disney I wouldn't have stumbled upon either of these two awesome ladies (or the 2 other Disney girls who text me later on).  Millions of people meet their soulmates through online dating so I don't know why it never dawned on me that meeting amazing Disney people online or through the Parks would not result in friendship chemistry!

Yes, this made me wiser (and made me revise my "close friends" list on Facebook).  It made me cherish the really important people who are true friends (thank you all so much because its YOU that are reading! But more than that this made me realize how lucky I am to have great followers who follow my rambles, my articles, and my pictures here and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Thanks for listening! :)

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