Sunday, June 3, 2012

Father's Day Giveaway!!!

Like so many other people in the world I count my parents as two of the most fabulous people I have the pleasure of knowing, let alone being related to.  They taught me to work hard and follow my dreams and believed in my fiercely my whole life.  They showed me every single day what true love really is and are my favorite people in the world.  I had the most incredible childhood because of them and grew up with the best traits instilled in me because of the lessons they taught me.  I can never put into words how grateful I am for the life they have given me because I wouldn't be where I am and who I am today without them rooting for me and picking me up when I fell all along the way.

Last weekend without even realizing it they brought that little Orange Bird into my life and reminded me of how much magic is in my life every day! With Mother's Day having just passed a few weeks ago and Father's Day on the horizon I thought a fun family movie giveaway would be a nice way to celebrate our parents! :)

Since I love me some 80s & 90s Steve Martin, the Blu-Ray Combo Pack of Father of the Brides 1 & 2 seemed like the perfect choice!

To Enter:
Simply comment below and share a magical memory that you cherish that includes one of your parents (or guardians)!

Get your comments in by Tuesday June 5th at midnight- I will choose a winner using an online randomizer first thing on Wednesday morning!
Good luck!

PS- To get the ball rolling, one of my favorite memories with my parents is snow days where they both stayed home from work with me and my sister and brother.  My sibs and I would go outside and shovel with my Dad and we would laugh and play the whole time we were supposed to be working.  My Dad would end up dividing up the driveaway into what translated to him doing about 80% of the job and me and my sis and bro doing the rest (lol).  We would get in so much trouble but sometimes even my Dad couldn't help but laughing when we slipped, or knocked snow into eachother by accident.  Then we would go inside and my Mom would have hot cocoa ready for all 5 of us to enjoy together with mini marshmallows and we would climb out of our wet cold snow gear and warm up with rosey cheeks around the table. To this day I love warming up with hot cocoa because it brings back childhood nostalgia and my favorite is "Mickey's Famous" that you can pick up in Disney World and Disneyland gift shops! :)