Monday, June 18, 2012

Etsy Shop Review & Artist Card Giveaway!

Just in time for me to celebrate my return to Disneyland (and getting to ride my favorite Ariel's Undersea Adventure again) I have a great little contest featuring these adorable Ariel & Prince Eric artist cards! They are great to be frame together or placed separately facing eachother. :)
I thought you would all love a review of the awesome Etsy artist who created them and how we became acquaintances!

 As you know, a recent "sign" from Orange Bird spawned a new collection for myself and once I finally nabbed all 5 of the Hidden Mickey Orange Bird pins I was looking high and low for a way to display them.  Then I came across the above canvas on Etsy.  It was perfect! I was thrilled when it came- the size is perfect (4x4) and it even came with a mini easel to sit on.  I was able to mount my pins with minimal damage to the painting itself as well.

When I opened my package there was a personalized Thank You note inside.  This impressed me beyond all measure because frankly, that is not the kind of service you usually get on the world wide web these days! I messaged Katie and mentioned Picturing Disney and a connection was born! 

Katie's Etsy shop, Crazy Cat Katie features her canvas paintings, drawings, and even the ability to contact her to order custom painted Disney shoes! Katie is super talented, her work has attention to even small details, beautiful bright colors, and you can tell when you look at each piece the hard work and love that are put into everything she does! Katie even created a Picturing Disney artist card for me!
After talking to Katie I was convinced I need a pair of her custom shoes for my next Disney trip but can't seem to decide what I should order on them! LOL! Want to check out more? Head over to her Tumblog and check out all the custom shoe posts (prepare to be blown away!

What I love about Etsy is the way it showcases talent and inspiration I would never have found before! I cannot thank Crazy Cat Katie enough for teaming up with me for this giveaway and can't wait to see the reaction of the lucky winner!