Sunday, February 9, 2020

Lady and the Tramp: The Perfect Valentine's Day Romance

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I think we can all agree that no one celebrates romance like Disney. 

Whenever I think of romance a Disney couple pops into my head. Last year  we featured our writer's 5 Favorite Disney couples. The list was incredibly hard to narrow down and we intentionally left off everyone's unanimous pick because next to Mickey and Minnie everyone defaults to...

Lady and the Tramp!

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Upon its launch in November, Disney+ "wowed" us with a "pawsitively" adorable Live Action remake of Lady and the Tramp. The film is a faithful rendition of the classic animated film. It is set at the turn-of the century in Savannah Georgia and is cinematically beautiful. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by watching a romantic movie with the one you love so I highly recommend getting cozy on the couch and watching the Darling family and their canine friends. Even my dog Ginger got into the movie and now thinks she is Lady.

Disney has also released a series of books for various reading levels based on the Live Action remake. The books are chock full of gorgeous photos of all the characters we love so dearly.

Live Action Lady and the Tramp Books:

The perfect read for Kindergarten- 2nd Graders who are just beginning to read.  The book is made up up simple story lines using compound sentences that are easy to follow.

Lady and the Tramp- How Lady Met Tramp- by Elle Stephens
The beloved canine characters spring to life in this sweet 24 page paperback. 

This book has the most amazing 8 page photo insert

Each of the three books use beautiful and colorful action photos from the actual Live Action movie . The books beautifully highlight the theme of love and kindness to animals. Lady and the Tramp Puppy Love and How Lady Met Tramp also include a note inside the back cover supporting the adoption of rescue dogs. When I saw this my heart melted.  Bravo Disney, Bravo!

Keep your eyes out for our favorite Disney Valentine's Gifts for 2020 and a special Lady and the Tramp Giveaway.


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