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Travels with Figment- Book Review

Travels with Figment : On The Road In Search of Disney Dreams is the final book written by Disney legend Marty Sklar before his death in 2017.

When you've spent 54 years at Disney surely you'd have a lot of stories to tell.  Read on to hear what we thought of Marty Sklar's final book Travels with Figment

Travels With Figment Synopsis:

Travels with Figment is a collection of tales told by Marty Sklar spanning nearly 6 decades.  It is a fascinating recollection of traveling the world for Walt Disney himself. For those of you not familiar, Marty Sklar spend thirty years as the Creative Leader of Disney Imagineering. He is a Disney legend and is responsible for many of the fond memories we all share of Disney today.

Our Review:

Travels With Figment is 222 pages full of Disney delights. If you love Disney history and grew up wishing you worked for Walt himself, Travels with Figment is a must for your collection. The good news is that you can read You can read Travels with Figment without having read his two prior books, Dream It! Do It! and One Little Spark.

There are many personal and heart felt stories shared on the pages of "Travels" but a few stand out as extra special:

Chapter 2: "Tricks and Treats- 10 Tales of Travel"
  • Ever wonder what types of adventures you would get into traveling the world representing Disney? This chapter dishes on 10 adventures that you are going to eat up faster than a Mickey ice cream pop.

Chapter 4: "I May Never Be Found Alive"

  • In 1968 28,000 acres of wetlands full of wildlife are slated to become the Most Magical Place on Earth. In an early visit, Jack Lindquist thinks he's going to die on property.  Personal and fascinating insider stories like this are abundant in the book.

Chapter 6: The Futurist Who Didn't Fly (Or Drive) and Other Legends

  • Ray Bradbury and Epcot?  Who knew?  I will not spoil the story for you sci-fi geeks but heed my advice and start reading!

The Blank Page:

  • You'll have to read the book to find out about the blank page. Just remember its nothing to be scared of!

The color photos in the center of the book are golden nuggets of Disneyana. Sitting down and reading this book is like having a fireside chat with your older relatives. The stories come to life in your imagination and you have a little pang of sadness for not being included in the good times. Buy the book, grab a cup of tea and a blanket and spend two days devouring the good old days through Marty's eyes. You won't regret it.

Travels With Figment  back cover

About Marty Sklar:

Marty Sklar's history with Disney is fascinating. He was recruited as a UCLA student in 1955 to create "Disneyland News."  The small town newspaper was sold on Main Street for 10 cents.  He joined Disney full time upon graduation a year later. Lucky for us all Walt Disney himself placed Marty in charge of WED Enterprises (the forerunner of Disney Imagineering) and the rest as they say is history.  Marty was a man of discipline who wore many hats to represent Walt Disney.  He participated in the construction of an impressive 9 of the 12 Disney parks. His contributions to the Disney organization are legendary.

From the Publisher:

Travels With Figment: On The Road In Search Of Disney Dreams by Marty Sklar
222 pages
Ages 18+
Available from Disney Editions on November 5, 2019

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