Sunday, November 17, 2019

Colourpop's New Frozen 2 Makeup Collection

Photo: Colourpop
It's almost time for Frozen 2 to hit the theaters. Rather than building a snowman it's time to get dolled up and ready for the big premiere because Colourpop has just released their brand new Frozen 2 inspired collection.

The limited-edition range comes with eight products including two eye shadow palettes, two lipsticks, two lip glosses, and two glitter gels. The sets are coordinated based on Elsa and Anna's distinct personalities.  Elsa's collection leans towards cooler ice queen colors where Anna's colors are warm and sunny.

How To Decide If You Like Elsa's Collection Best?

To help you decide if you should go for colors that are as cool as ice or warm as the sun you can take the quiz on Colourpop's site -->HERE<--

I got Elsa which surprised me!
Quiz result courtesy of ColourPop's website

Prices range from $8 - $70. Each piece has a cool name such as Elsa's Mythic Journey Lip Gloss or Anna's Free Spirit Lip Gloss. 

The Elsa (Cool) Palette Includes:

  • Elsa Shadow Palette 
  • Mythic Journey Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss
  • Little Snow Lipstick
  • The Dark Sea Glitter Gel

The Anna (Warm) Palette Includes:

  • Anna Shadow Palette 
  • Free Spirit Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss
  • Going North Lipstick
  • Waterfall Glitter Gel

I say Let it Go! Don't hold it back anymore!  Go for the entire blizzard and get the complete collection for $76.  The collection won't be here FROZEN in time forever so go get yours!

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  1. These palettes are pretty. I wouldn't mind owning them myself!