Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Pup Academy to debut on Disney Channel on National Dog Day

Pup Academy on Disney Channel
Morgan (Christian Convery) and his pal Spark
There Is a secret place where pups become dogs...I KNEW it!
Get ready to celebrate National Dog Day with the debut of Pup Academy on the Disney Channel.
The fun new live-action talking canine adventure debuts more than 20 years after the original "Air Bud" film introduced us all to Buddy the basketball playing Golden Retriever.  

Check out the "Pawsome" trailer:

The Details:

PUP ACADEMY centers around three pup friends, Spark, Corazon and Whiz. The pups meet in their first year at the Academy where they are learning how to become man’s best friend. Pups from all over the world travel to Pup Academy through magical portals disguised as fire hydrants.  There they are trained under the supervision of the Dean of Graduates (D.O.G.) Spark, Corazon and Whiz quickly discover a mysterious threat to the academy as well as the very core of friendships between dogs and humans everywhere. 

PUP ACADEMY stars Christian Convery (Squeaky Descendants 3), 
Don Lake (Zootopia) and Aria Birch (Freaks).  It is created and executive produced by Anna McRoberts and directed and co-executive produced by ABE founder and CEO, Robert Vince.  
Season One of PUP ACADEMY consists of 22 episodes and fittingly debuts on National Dog Day 8/26 (2-3P.M. EDT/PST) on Disney Channel (and DisneyNOW).  Episodes will air daily starting on 9/4.

About ABE:

Air Bud Entertainment has created over 22 family movies and five movie franchises including the five Air Bud movies; seven Air Buddies movies with two Santa Paws movies in partnership with Disney, along with the new four movie Pup Star franchise for Netflix. ABE also created and produced the new series Pup Academy that will air on Disney Channel in the U.S. and release as a Netflix Original around the globe.

You can follow ABE on their social channels:
Twitter:                   @AIRBUD
Instagram:              @AirBudOfficial

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