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Top 5 Disney Father Figures

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Fathers day is approaching. As we get ready to honor all of the great Dads out there for their hard work in raising their little ankle biters, we have a shout out to make: 

Here's to all the big hearted men who have stepped up where the "bio father” has stepped out!  

We see a lot of these wonderful father figures in the Disney Universe.
Disney does not shy away from the fact that there are many types of families. Absentee fathers are unfortunately in abundant supply.

The men who stepped up to the plate when they were needed deserve some recognition. Here's our list of the guys who are tops in our book!

Top 5 Disney Father Figures:

5. Merlin: The Sword in the Stone

Arthur is an orphan. His foster parents treat him like a slave (not to mention they call him Wart). Then along comes Merlin. He teaches Arthur valuable lessons, believes in him and prepares him for his destiny (to be King). This is what any good Father would do for his child. 

4. Trusty & Jock: Lady and the Tramp

This one is a little bit of a stretch, but hear me out. From the beginning of the movie, Lady looks to Trusty and Jock for their advice and approval, just as most daughters would. Remember when she ran to them to show off her new collar? Trusty and Jock love Lady and look out for her – especially when it comes to Tramp (the boyfriend). When she needs them they come through, just like a great Father would. So,Trusty and Jock, you may share a spot but you made the list. 

3. James P. Sullivan (Sulley): Monster’s Inc.

We really don’t know much about Boo’s "real world" life. Maybe her Dad is a fantastic father. Who knows (oh - good sequel idea)? What we do know is that there is no doubt that Sulley loves this little girl like his own. He protects Boo throughout the whole movie. Sully risks his job and friendship to get her back home. He then makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect her by letting her door be destroyed. (Mike get’s honorable mention for staying along for the ride and glueing the door back together).

2. Carl Fredricksen: UP

Sure he is a bit of a curmudgeon at first, but the bristly old timer has been through a lot of heartbreak losing his wife and all. Into his life comes Russell. While Russell has a Dad, it is obvious the guy is a total dead beat. Carl steps up and turns into one of the best Father figures around. He saves Russell’s life and I don’t just mean from Charles Muntz. He gives Russell the father/son relationship he needs and deserves.

1. Baloo: The Jungle Book

Was there any real question who number one would be? Ole Papa Bear, Baloo! Disney’s greatest step dad. Baloo is not the smartest animal in the jungle or even the most responsible but he's a force to be recogned with. When everyone else was scared of Shere Khan, Baloo was willing to look after Mowgli so he could stay in the Jungle. He fights Shere Khan with no regard for his own life. In the end he puts what he wants aside and does what is best for Mowgli, no matter how much it hurts. 

We wish Baloo and all the others on the list a much deserved Happy Father’s Day! 
Enjoy your day of being the King of the Jungle.

Who else would you like to see on the list?
Drop us a line to let us know.

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